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Create Appealing High Dynamic Range Images

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is becoming more popular nowadays. It is commonly found in the field of landscape photography due to its capacity of capturing theoretically unlimited f-stops of dynamic range. Thanks to the HDR technique, scenes with the large contrast in brightness could be exposed properly with relative ease. HDR may be defined as follow.


The Real Estate HDR Photo Editing

As a leading player in real estate image editing and image enhancement services provides High Dynamic Range Imaging, HDR image processing and HDR photo editing services. Through HDR image editing, I can virtually reconstruct your house or property as it would appear to human eyes.


With  HDR (High Dynamic Range) I can help you with:

  • Merging the photographs of different exposures [including normal exposure, under-exposure shot to capture highlights and over- exposure shot to capture shadow details] to create an HDR image
  • Editing and improving your Real Estate HDR Photograph to give you the customized look you want ranging from natural look – direct sunlight with Exposure Fusion to mid-tones or more extreme styles – deep shadows and saturation with Tone Mapping.
  • Creating real estate panorama through High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Real estate Photoshop image stitching in HDR
  • Quick turnaround time in real estate photo retouching and HDR image editing


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